Maharaj Ji Kripalu's Ecstatic State

Jagadguru Kripalu Maharaj Bhakti
Maharajji Kripalu had his first ecstatic experience when he was 16 years old in the Chitrakoot woods. In the dense forest, he repeatedly entered into states of ecstasy, or Madhurya Bhao Bhakti (divine-love), which he remained in for several days at time. Numerous villagers, who happened upon him during his ecstatic state, serve as eyewitnesses of the events and proclaim Shri Maharaj Ji’s rapture and absorption in spiritual connections with the divine unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

As word spread that there was a divine young man living in Chitrakoot, many people sought him to see if it was true. The visitors attempted to converse with him while in his ecstatic absorption, but they were unable to. Shri Maharaj Ji had to subside his ecstasy to communicate with them, and he did it willingly to listen to them and accept their invitations to their homes. While Maharaj Ji Kripalu was a houseguest, his hosts witnessed his first usual chanting programs that are inspirational and devotionally charging.

After his first experiences with ecstatic states during his youth, Shri Maharaj Ji continued to have states of rapture, or samadhi, that he slipped in an out of in his early ministry years. His followers were thrilled by his divine nature and his devotion inspired their faithful souls.

While in an ecstatic state, Shri Maharaj Ji becomes completely unaware of his surroundings and is unable to clothe or feed himself, let alone find shelter. Those who happen upon him during an ecstatic state care for him as if he were a helpless child. When Maharajji Kripalu is experiencing ecstasy, he is also unpredictable, arriving and leaving unexpectedly. Regardless of what he may have been doing, his divine ecstasies often cause him to leave for another Indian home, village, or city. Because of his pattern of ecstatic wanderings, especially when he was young, many people are able to witness his samadhi and be inspired by his divine nature.