Maharaj Ji Kripalu

Maharajji Kripalu was born during a full moon in October 1922 in India. He was born near the city of Allahabad in a village called Mangarh. He spent his relatively normal childhood in the village, attending a local school, but it was apparent to the villagers that Shri Maharaj Ji was an unusual child. The Managarhs considered him extraordinary and revered him, even as a boy. People of all ages were drawn to him because of his handsome looks and natural charisma. They found him mischievous and delightfully eccentric, and whoever ever met Shri Maharaj Ji was immediately fond of him.

Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj Speech

After he had a lengthy religious experience when he was 16, the villagers believed Shri Maharaj Ji had a divine nature. His religious experience consisted of Maharaj Ji Kripalu retreating into the Chitrakoot forest and entering into a state of ecstasy, called Madhurya Bhao Bhakti in Sanskrit. He remained in this sublime state for several days at a time. Villagers happened upon him while he was in ecstasy and considered themselves fortunate for having witnessed the spiritual experience. The villagers described him in a state of bliss, the likes of which they had never seen.

After the knowledge of Shri Maharaj Ji’s divine experiences spread across India, people began to seek him to communicate with him; however, in order to do so, he had to disengage in his ecstatic state. Once he was able to converse with them, he accepted their admiration and invitations to their homes with humility. During his first visits, his unique chanting programs began that inspired his growing following. They regarded Maharaj Ji Kripalu as both a charming and wise divine communicator, who thrilled the souls of faithful Hindus.

During his youth, Shri Maharaj Ji slipped in and out of ecstasy, during which he was often at the mercy of passersbys to clothe and shelter him, as he was completely unaware of his surroundings. Shri Maharaj Ji has since built a ministry and leads large spiritual conventions all over India.

Shri Maharaj Ji is now 85 and continues to minister to his followers tirelessly, helping them to realize their true inner nature and make contact with their souls. He currently holds a special retreat every year that focuses on the practices of Bhakti Yoga.